App for gymnastics of Ingrid Oberberger

Last year I decided to write a Android Application for the gymnastic lessons of Ingrid Oberberger.

In my opinion it is very comfortable to have all informations needed in one app. You just open the app and see all necessary informations. It is not necessary to navigate through your browser or just to start your computer. [TOC]



You can navigate pretty fast through the menu with four Buttons:



If a internet connection is available, the news are available and always up to date.



The lessonsview shows all available lessons and you can insert them also in your calendar:

Angebot Info


If an internet connection is available you can see the course-locations in a map. And choose a location to navigate.
If no internet is available, just a list of all locations is available.

Ort OrtMitNetzwerk OrtOhneNetzwerk

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