• App for gymnastics of Ingrid Oberberger

    Last year I decided to write a Android Application for the gymnastic lessons of Ingrid Oberberger.

    In my opinion it is very comfortable to have all informations needed in one app. You just open the app and see all necessary informations. It is not necessary to navigate through your browser or just to start your computer.

  • ErideaResApp

    At a Softwareengineering lesson at University, we developed a Smartphone Application to reserve and book charging points (CPs) for electric cars.

  • HLA/OpenRTI Testsimulation

    The High Level Architecture (HLA) is an architecture for modeling and simulation. Using HLA, computer simulations can interact (that is, to communicate data, and to synchronize actions) with other computer simulations regardless of the computing platforms. The interaction between simulations is managed by a Run-Time Infrastructure (RTI). HLA is an interoperability standard for distributed simulation used to support analysis, engineering and training in a number of different domains such as:

  • Arduino Weatherstation

    At University, Alexander Zenger and I decided to realise a weatherstation with an [Arduino Microcontroller][arduino]. We wanted to measure temperatur, pressure and humidity. It should be also possible to get every 5 min a value update on an external server.

    Our basic idea was to develope a weatherstation which is easy to use with different technologies (Smartphone, Internet, Microcontroller, …). It should also be possible to add new sensors quite easy and adapt the station to your own needs.