Minikube and an insecure registry

I played around with minikube and kubernetes. In the end I wanted to use my own insecure registry and was looking around to specify the insecure registry in minikube.

There are multiple ways. Also one to patch docker in minikube directly, but I don’t like these solution. After some searches I figured out that minikube has an additional parameter calld --insecure-registry= where I can specify the registry.

So I set it up and started minikube with the following command:

`minikube start --vm-driver=kvm2 --insecure-registry=IP:PORT`

but minikube itself did not recognize the parameter and it still complained about my own registry.

I did some researches and figured out that the new parameter --insecure-registry is ignored if the machine (minikube) already existed. You have to delete minikube first if you want new parameters to take place.

So here we go:

minikube stop
minikube delete
minikube start --vm-driver=kvm2 --insecure-registry=IP:PORT
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