Disable User to be shown on Startscreen on a MAC

What if you handover a Macbook to a friend or your girlfriend and he wants you as his/her administrator?! If thats the case it makes sense that you create a seperate account for administration and one for her/him. I did so, but I didn’t want the admin account to be showen on the login screen. To disable the account from login screen is pretty easy. In the end you can do it in two steps:

  1. login as admin

that sounds normal and I was already logged in as an admin.

  1. use the mac terminal command dscl

To disable an account from login screen just type the following:

sudo dscl . create /Users/USERNAME IsHidden 1

you have to replace USERNAME with the username you want to be hidden.

if you want the user to be showen again:

sudo dscl . create /Users/USERNAME IsHidden 0

That’s pretty easy. If you need more instructions or some deeper declarations, just visit the apple support side and search for it.

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