Install Git from Source on OSX

I decided to update my Git-SCM Version on my Macbook. Therfore I tried it by compiling and installing from source. It was a little bit tricky. I give a short description how I did it.


I had to install following packages:

  • docbook2x
  • xmlto
  • asciidoc

I used port to install them:

sudo port install docbook2x xmlto asciidoc

Get Git

I catched the newest Version from GitHub.

git clone


To install I did the same things which are discribed at the INSTALL-section of the git source repository. One thing I changed is the prefix part. I use /opt/local.

as a normal user:

make prefix=/opt/local all doc info

after that as root:

make prefix=/opt/local install install-doc install-html install-info
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