pm-suspend on Ubuntu

After upgrade to Ubuntu 16.04 I recognized that pm-utils are not used anymore to suspend/resume my notebook. The change was already done with Ubuntu 15.04, but I haven’t recognized it before, because everything was working like expected. I recognized it these days after I changed my windowmanager to i3wm.

Since Ubuntu 15.04 they don’t use the pm-utils like pm-suspend any more. They use now systemctl commands to suspend if the lid is closed. Therefore my screenlock was not working any more and I had to adapt some things to get the i3 screenlocker i3lock to work.

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How to use grafana scripted dashboards

I’m using prometheus to collect metrics of java applications or unix systems. On top I configured grafana just to have a nice an shiny view and to get the possibility to add dashboards and to save my graphs somehow. Grafana is pretty nice to add graphs in a fast way to new dashboards, but what happens if you have, like I have, a lot of metrics which change or new hosts are getting added. That’ something you don’t want to do by hand. Therefore grafana implemented the “scripted dashboards”. I figured out, that the documentation of these dashboards is more or less not enough to get a full working example.

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How to disable debian 9 private tmp

These days I upgraded one of my hosts with debian jessie to the latest debian stretch. After that upgrade I figured out, that some of my nagios checkes were red and also my django wsgi applications were not able to read from system tmp any more. The main reason for that is, that with debian 9, some processes which uses systemd forced the private tmp directories.

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