Minikube and an insecure registry

I played around with minikube and kubernetes. In the end I wanted to use my own insecure registry and was looking around to specify the insecure registry in minikube.

There are multiple ways. Also one to patch docker in minikube directly, but I don’t like these solution.

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Network 'minikube-net' is not active

After the last reboot of my local host according to some debian security patches I got some errors to start minikube afterwards.

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Check if a file was changed in a bash script

I’m using letsencrypt for most of my servers. One of these servers is behind a firewall without any direct internet connection. Therefore I’m not able to use letsencrypt or dehydrated directly on that server. I’m copying the certificate to a specific location as a normal ssh user and on that host itself I have to check if the certificate was changed to reload the webserver.

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